Green Key Certificate

Barnhy van Loon

01 January 2017

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Sustainability is a lifestyle and vital

We, the team of Hotel Fauwater, are honored to be part of the continuously-growing group of ‘The Green Key’. Sustainability is a lifestyle and vital to improve the living conditions of our local and global environment as a whole.

Hence, we would like to thank everybody who is part of this great movement, which directs us to the future! Thank you to all our guests, as this cannot be done without you .

Sustainability is the future! Spread the word!

At Hotel Fauwater from Kasterlee, since this week, the sign with the well-known Green Key logo appears on the door. That is a distinction from the Bond Beter Leefmilieu and Toerisme Vlaanderen for tourist residences that pay particular attention to sustainability. “We have been working towards this for years,” says manager Barnhy van Loon.

In recent years, the hotel has invested in a solar water heater that also makes hot water for washing machines, solar panels, saving water on showers and washbasin taps. Existing lighting was replaced by energy-efficient LEDs and motion-controlled lighting was installed in the corridors. The staff uses ecological detergents and cleaning products. Guests will find in the room not only information about the environmental interventions, but also 3 waste bins in which they can separate their waste.