You want to have breakfast served in the morning, or go out for dinner at night? Or should we pick-up you up when you arrive (only local pick-up!), arrange rental bikes to enjoy our beautiful countryside, make a breakfast or lunch package on the go? It is many of the services we offer all of our guests.

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Bike rental

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Lunch & Breakfast on the go

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Local Pick-up

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Enjoy our food

For a nice breakfast, or dinner. You are welcome to spend your time in our restaurant and enjoy a well deserved meal.

Our restaurant is open on Monday till Thursday from 19.30h - 21.00h, and closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you don't have time to sit down and relax, you can always request your breakfast or lunch package to be prepared by our kitchen. This way, you can pick it up - at your convenience - for your upcoming trip, or get away in our beautiful countryside.


Check out our breakfast menu

In case you missed it, our breakfast can be requested with your stay. As a breakfast, we offer the following:

– Fresh morning-baked pistolets (round bread rolls)
– Corn flakes
– Cheese and a variety of meat slices
– Boiled eggs
– Yoghurt (on request)
– Fruit (on request)


– Coffee/tea/water
– Hot chocolate
– Orange juice


In advance, please notify us if you have any intolerances.
The same goes for special requests. Thank you!”

Check out our menu

IMPORTANT: We like to change our menu from time to time. Contact us for options for the Food-menu we have per day, at your stay or on arrival.


Check out our menu

See what our Drink menu has to offer. And we hope to welcome you soon in our bar and restaurant for a nice drink.

Cold drinks
Water – free of charge 🙂
(We offer water for free to stimulate you to obtain a healthy, hydrated life style)


Sparkling Water 2,00 euro
Coca-Cola 2,50 euro
Coca-Cola Zero 2,50 euro
Fanta 2,50 euro
Sprite 2,50 euro
Ice-Tea 2,50 euro
Schweppes Tonic 2,50 euro
Cecemel 2,50 euro
Fristi 2,50 euro
Orange Juice 2,50 euro
Apple Juice 2,50 euro


Hot drinks

Coffee 2,50 euro
Cappucino 2,70 euro
Deca Coffee 2,70 euro
Hot Chocolate 2,50 euro
Tea 2,50 euro



Red Wine 4,00 euro
White Wine 4,00 euro
Rosé 4,00 euro


Bottle of Wine / Cava

18,00 euro



Kirr 4,50 euro
Martini 4,00 euro
Ricard 4,50 euro
Offley Port Tawny (Red) 4,00 euro
Cava 4,00 euro


Strong drinks  

Bacardi 4,50 euro
Baileys 4,50 euro
Gin 4,50 euro
Jenever 4,50 euro
Whiskey 4,50 euro
Vodka 4,50 euro
Grand Marnier 5,00 euro



Jupiler (0%) 2,50 euro
Jupiler (5,2%) – Small 2,50 euro
Jupiler (5,2%) – Medium 3,50 euro
Jupiler (5,2%) – Large 4,50 euro
Kriek (Cherry Beer – 3,5%) 3,00 euro
Hoegaarden (4,9%) 3,00 euro
Duvel (8,5%) 3,50 euro
Leffe Blond (8,5%) 3,50 euro
Leffe Brown (6,5%) 3,50 euro
Westmalle Double (7,0%) 3,50 euro
Westmalle Tripple (9,5%) 3,70 euro
Pumpkin Beer (Kastels Beer) 3,70 euro

Rent your bikes

Get out and discover the area of Kasterlee. We can arrange your bike rental, upon you can go and have a splendid time in our Belgian countryside.

Local Pick-up

Pick-up service

If you are planning your stay with our hotel, but aren't in the possibility to get to our hotel directly? Than we have our local shuttle service, to pick you up or either bring you away.

To use our local pick-up service, either select it as an option when making your online booking, or call us for availability or to be requested at our front desk.